From start to finish FPPI supplies the products you need with quality and service you can count on.

chrome plated steel escutcheon

Manufactured of 22 ga. chrome plated steel. Available for ½" or ¾" sprinkler heads.

light weight chrome plated steel escutcheon

Features a light weight design of chrome plated steel. Available in ⅝" depth only for ½" or ¾" IPS sprinklers.

1-PC plastic escutcheon

Manufactured of injection molded plastic. Superior corrosion resistance to steel or aluminum escutcheons.

Fire Sprinkler Head Guards – 1 PC

FPPI Sprinkler Head Guards provide sprinkler head protection from occasional light contact in warehouses,...

2-PC recessed escutcheon

Recessed canopies provide a more finished look to the installed sprinkler than the pendent style escutcheon.

Short Skirt recessed escutcheon

The Short Skirt recessed escutcheon is similar to the regular recessed canopy.