chrome plated steel escutcheon

Manufactured of 22 ga. chrome plated steel. Available for ½" or ¾" sprinkler heads.

light weight chrome plated steel escutcheon

Features a light weight design of chrome plated steel. Available in ⅝" depth only for ½" or ¾" IPS sprinklers.

1-PC plastic escutcheon

Manufactured of injection molded plastic. Superior corrosion resistance to steel or aluminum escutcheons.

Fire Sprinkler Head Guards – 1 PC

FPPI Sprinkler Head Guards provide sprinkler head protection from occasional light contact in warehouses,...

2-PC recessed escutcheon

Recessed canopies provide a more finished look to the installed sprinkler than the pendent style escutcheon.

Short Skirt recessed escutcheon

The Short Skirt recessed escutcheon is similar to the regular recessed canopy.