pendent canopies skirts for escutcheon

Steel skirts are for use with 600 series steel cups and are available with several finishes.

2-PC pendant canopies split cup

Designed as a replacement cup for typical pendent style escutcheons. Two halves snap together.

Standard pendant steel Cup CP ½"

Steel cups for pendent sprinkler installations.

water pressure gauge kit for fire sprinklers

Each kit contains a pressure gauge, 1/4" 3-way valve*, 1/4" x 4" galvanized pipe nipple, 1/2" x 1/4" bushing and a 1...

Recessed Head Guard 1-pc 2-hk Chrome

Recessed Sprinkler Head Guards are designed to provide protection of the sprinkler head against low level impacts....

residential pressure gauge for fire sprinklers

FPPI pressure gauges feature an impact and corrosion resistant case made from ABS (plastic).