October 17, 2016

Introducing NEW Plastic Universal Hose Valve Caps from FPPI

Carlsbad, CA – FPPI pleased to announce the launch of its Universal Hose Valve Cap, the newest addition to its line of plastic hose valve caps.  The new valve cap helps contractors save time as it is designed to fit most regional threads and can be installed on most 2½” sized hose valves by simply pushing it onto the outlet.  No tools are required, and the cap can be removed and put back in place several times without compromising the protection it provides the threads.

The plastic caps have been introduced to meet the increasing demand for an alternative to brass and aluminum caps for hose valves with regional threads.   This is particularly important in areas where metal parts are subject to theft. In these situations, contractors need a solution that is immediately identified as “low to no value”, to deter theft and vandalism.   The new hose valve caps are made from red plastic, and are unlikely to be stolen.

FPPI’s Universal Hose Valve Caps are equipped with a chain, and will fit most 2½” sized hose valves with the exception of the Richmond regional thread hose valve (RCH).  They are not suitable for pressure testing.

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September 6, 2016

New from FPPI: OS&Y Valves

Carlsbad, CA -- With the introduction of OS&Y Fire Main Gate Valves, Fire Protection Products, Inc. (FPPI) continues to extend its offering of brass trim products. The new valves are UL listed, FM approved and available in 1”, 1¼”, 1½” and 2” sizes exclusively from local FPPI distributors. Manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in material and performance, they seamlessly fit into the existing portfolio and meet the demand for long lasting, reliable fire system valves.

The outside stem construction of OS&Y valves allows fire sprinkler system professionals to immediately see whether a system is active or shut off: When the valve is opened, the stem rises above the hand wheel. In the closed position, the stem is concealed inside of the valves. External tamper switches can be added for central station or panel monitoring.

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April 14, 2016

FPPI introduces 24 Volt Alarm Bells

Carlsbad, CA -- Fire Protection Products, Inc. (FPPI) has added two new alarm bells to its range of Fire Alarm Bells and Accessories. The 24VDC bells are designed for low voltage systems which are common throughout the eastern United States and Canada and available in two sizes – 6” and 10”.

Like the 120 Volt versions, the 24VDC bells are UL listed and available in a red finish and can be used to signal flow within a fire sprinkler system or tampering with a monitored valve. Each bell provides 4 wire connectivity for through-wiring to additional devices. FPPI also offers a complete range of Fire Alarm Bell Accessories to complete the installation, including ABS Bell Back Boxes, Bell Guards and 911 Bell Signs.

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March 8, 2016

FPPI extends its offer of regional threads

Carlsbad, CA -- Fire Protection Products, Inc. (FPPI) is pleased to announce several new additions to their range of products with regional threads: Hose Valves, Caps, Reducers, and Swivels with Richmond (RCH) threads, as well as Grooved Hose Valves with New York Fire Department, Baton Rouge and Lincoln (NYFD) threads. All items are available through local FPPI distributors beginning March 31, 2016.

In addition to the product portfolio available in national standard threads, FPPI now provides 25 different products in 15 distinctive regional threads, covering 27 regions across the United States and Canada. Areas covered by already established FPPI products include Chicago, British Columbia, Toledo, N.Y. Corp., Yonkers, Newark, Quebec, Cincinnati (Morgantown and Starksville), Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Tempe, Cleveland, Erie, Omaha, Lafayette, Ontario, Detroit, Nova Scotia (Zone 1), Dayton, Richmond, and Raleigh. If you are looking for a regional thread that is not listed here, please call the FPPI Customer Service Team at +1 (800) 344-1822.




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